BBQ Frying Pan


A perfectly weighted BBQ Frying Pan designed to be used on any Kadai Fire Pit. This BBQ Frying Pan can be used directly on the Holi Grill or on an indoor hob to move from outdoor grilling to indoor cooking. It is made from durable mild steel with a hardwood handle and is a versatile addition to any Kadai collection. The BBQ Frying Pan ensures even cooking, making it ideal for everything from breakfast scrambles to evening stir-fries. Its robust construction, paired with a simple maintenance routine, guarantees it will stand the test of time.

  • Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with our BBQ Frying Pan
  • The BBQ Frying Pan is made from mild steel with a hardwood handle
  • Dia. 27cm x W47cm x H15cm (Pan H4.55cm)
  • Compatible with Holi Grill, BBQ Utensils
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