Charcoal Maker


The Charcoal Maker, winner of the RHS Sustainable Product of the Year Award, is a straightforward device for making your own charcoal at home. Fill this home Charcoal Maker with wood, place it in the hot core of the fire and wait for steam. This is the moisture being driven out of the wood. After 2 hours, remove the Charcoal Maker from the fire and set it aside to cool. Don’t be tempted to open the end caps until the Charcoal Maker is completely cool, as warm charcoal will slowly start to burn on its own. Once cold, open the Charcoal Maker with the opening tool to reveal your homemade charcoal. Enjoy the pleasure of making your very own charcoal for your next BBQ.

  • Home Charcoal Maker with carry handle, removable end caps and an opening tool
  • L42cm x W22cm x H27cm
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