Hot Plate Ring


The Hot Plate Ring is an innovative accessory that converts your large Recycled Kadai Fire Pit into a versatile flat plate BBQ. Ideal for those who love to cook outdoors, this unique BBQ flat plate offers a surface for high-temperature cooking, allowing you to achieve that perfect sear on steaks, burgers, scallops, or even an entire breakfast. The hole in the centre of the Hot Plate Ring allows for easy refuelling and provides airflow to the fire. Having the fire to one side creates an indirect cooking zone on this flat plate BBQ allowing you to move the food around your Kadai to get the desired heat level needed for cooking.

  • The Hot Plate Ring, made for the large Recycled Kadai Fire Pits creating a flat plate BBQ.
  • Handmade in mild steel
  • Dia. 97cm x H3cm
  • Compatible with 100cm Recycled Kadai, BBQ Tool, Burger Press
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