1 Inch Thick Steak (Ribeye) Big enough to share
Part boiled potatoes
Butter or duck fat

1 bunch, Fresh parsley
½ bunch, Fresh oregano
2 cloves, Garlic
1, Shallot
1, Red chilli
4 tbsp, Red wine vinegar
2 tbsp, Lemon juice
6 tbsp, Olive oil

Reverse Seared Steak with Chimichurri Sauce and Smashed Potatoes


1. Add all the sauce ingredients in a food processor or chop by hand and mix in a bowl – then set aside.
2. Setup your BBQ for indirect cooking.
3. Stabilise your BBQ at 120-135C and put on the steak and relax until the meat has an internal temperature of 55C.
4. Remove the meat from the grill and allow it to rest.
5. Reconfigure the BBQ for direct cooking.
6. Position a cast iron reversible griddle on the BBQ for your potatoes and set the temperature for searing.
7. Add your parboiled potatoes with some butter or goose fat and a little seasoning and squash them down.
8. Finally, sear your steak for around 1 minute each side to create the perfect caramelisation.
9. Serve with a drizzle of the chimichurri sauce.

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