500g Beef Mince (125g per burger for singles or halve it for a double)
4 x Slices of burger cheese
4 x Brioche buns
Ketchup or burger sauce

Smash Burgers


1. Divide the beef mince into 4 balls (8 if you want to do thinner double stacked).
2. Setup your grill with a Cast Iron Reversible Griddle or cast iron frying pan and get it nice and hot around 200C.
3. Put your meat balls onto the Cast Iron Reversible Griddle and smash them with a steak press or metal spatula.
4. After around 3 minutes flip the burgers.
5. When the burger is almost cooked place your slice of cheese on the burger and close the lid on your BBQ.
6. Finally add your sauce to the burger and then put the top on and add a splash of water to the Cast Iron Reversible Griddle just next to the burgers so it creates steam and shut the lid once more. This makes the bun super soft and also gives it that awesome shine.
7. Remove your burgers place them on the bottom bun and enjoy.

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